Issues with App

If you are experiencing issues with the 20 min Yoga Sessions iPhone/Android App, please be sure that the episode list is refreshed - to do this simply pull down on the Episodes screen.

If the episode is downloaded, try deleting it and re-downloading the episode. Or as a last resort, reinstall the app:

Deleting App
1. Press the home button to return to the home screen
2. Find the app on the home screen
3. Press and hold the app on the home screen until it begins to wiggle
4. Press the X in the upper left of the app icon
5. Confirm Deletion of the app

Reinstalling App
1. Open up the iTunes App Store on your iOS device
2. Press the "Updates" tab at the bottom right
3. Select "Purchased" at the top of the list
4. Scroll through the list until the app is found
5. Select the iCloud icon (cloud with a downward arrow) to begin downloading the app
6. If asked, enter your iTunes password

- If the app was previously purchased with the same iTunes account, iTunes will allow you to download the app again for free.
- If you previously had downloaded episodes, you will need to download those episodes again

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