Why choose an online yoga studio?

Yoga practice is on the rise in America, and for good reason: yoga benefits everyone, and its effects are felt in all aspects of life! Keeping up with your yoga practice is vital to maintaining a healthy and balanced body, mind, and soul. At Yoga Download we understand that your busy schedule can prevent you from doing yoga as often as you like. This is why we came up with a convenient and easy way to access quality online yoga classes so that you can keep up, anytime, anywhere.

Perform our portable yoga classes anytime, anywhere (you don't even have to be confined to a computer or TV). Many people today lead busy lives with hectic schedules that don't allow them to get to the studio or gym as often as they would like. Yoga Download is dedicated to providing a wide variety of yoga styles, as well as class lengths, offering many shorter classes ranging from 20 - 45 minutes so even the busiest of people can take a class any day. To top it off there is no commute time involved which makes the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone, no matter how busy their schedule.

Yoga Download classes are recorded, edited and mastered in professional recording studios, creating optimal sound and video quality that is perfect for your portable media player or other medium. Additionally, each Yoga Download class is accompanied by original music productions, created by top-notch producers to help you stay focused and easily flow through your yoga class. We also provide beautiful, easy-to-follow pose guides to accompany our audio-only classes that you can print out and review before and during your online yoga classes for a safe and complete yoga experience.

With a limited number of classes and styles offered at any one yoga studio or in any one city or town, Yoga Download is the perfect solution to add variety to your yoga practice. With our large selection of yoga styles, instructors and class lengths, you will always have a convenient way to keep variety in your yoga practice.

Take Yoga Anywhere! Simply add your YogaDownload class to your portable player and you’re off to take your class on a beautiful sunny day in the park, on the beach, on top of a mountain, on vacation, at the office, at a friend's house or in any room in your house. Yoga Download.com offers a truly portable and convenient way to take your yoga practice where you never have before!

Can't afford to go to class as often as you like? A YogaDownload class costs far less than the price of one yoga class at most studios, and you can use our downloadable classes over and over, anytime, anywhere you like. Join one of our subscription membership programs and and save even more.

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