What is a subscription membership?

Subscription memberships are a renewal-based membership that allows you to access ALL of the classes on our site for a small monthly or yearly fee, depending on which type of membership you select.

With a subscription membership, you can stream EVERY class on the site an unlimited number of times, free of charge. Then you will also be able to select the "DOWNLOAD" option for YogaDownload brand classes free of charge (classes that we produce ourselves). The number of free downloads you're allowed will depend on what membership type you purchased. An "Unlimited" membership allows you to download an unlimited number of YogaDownload brand classes.

YogaDownload brand classes are indicated by a "Yoga Download" label underneath the class image. Or you can use the "Media" filter at the top of any class listings page and deselect "Content Partner Classes" to view on YogaDownload classes. 95% of the classes on our site fall in this category.

Content Partner classes are not available to download for free as we need to be able to pay the producers of these videos their fair share when a person downloads and keeps their class forever. You can still play/stream these classes an unlimited number of times via your subscription membership.

1) Browse through our library of classes or our variety of programs
2) FOR CLASSES: click on any class and select to play or download (if there is a price displayed for download it means you are out of downloads or are viewing a Content Partner class)
3) FOR PROGRAMS: click on any program and select "add to cart" (the price is free for Unlimited Memberships and 50% off for Standard Memberships). Continue through the short checkout process to finish ordering the program.

To view our subscription options (and save a lot of money off ala cart prices) please visit the Join Now page.

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