Why am I being asked to pay when I have a subscription membership?

If you are being asked to pay when you have a membership, this is because of one of two reasons:

1) You're trying to purchase the download version of a Content Partner class
2) You have used all of your allotted downloads for YogaDownload brand classes.


1) Select the "Play Now" option for the class.
With a subscription membership, you can stream (by clicking the 'PLAY NOW' option) ANY class on the site an unlimited number of times, free of charge. Then you will also be able to download YogaDownload brand classes free of charge. The number of free downloads you're allowed will depend on what membership type you purchase. An 'Elite' membership allows you to download an unlimited number of YogaDownload brand classes.

YogaDownload brand classes are indicated by a "YDL Class" label underneath the class image. Or you can use the "Media" filter at the top of any class listings page (last purple icon to the right) and deselect "Content Partner Classes."

Content Partner classes are not available to download for free as we need to be able to pay the producers of these videos their fair share when a person downloads and keeps their class forever. You can still play/stream these classes an unlimited number of times via your subscription membership.

2) You will need to wait until your subscription renews before you can download more free YogaDownload brand classes. This is the case only for Premier Memberships. All Elite Memberships have unlimited downloading of YogaDownload brand classes. 

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