How do I get the download version of my class on my iPad, iPhone, iPod?

You will not be able to download directly from our site to your idevice. This is because iPads, iPhones, iPods and all Apple products do not allow people to download files directly to their devices (only apps can be directly downloaded). They did this for security reasons - you can read more about this on this forum thread here.

You will be able to play your class when you order the download option, but in order to keep your class forever, you will first need to download your class to your computer and transfer it over to your iPad, iPhone or iPod via iTunes, just as you do music or any other file. Once you do this your class will be on your device for you to access whenever you'd like.

To get your class into your iTunes library, click on 'File' in the upper left corner of your iTunes window. Then click on 'Add File to Library' and browse to where your YogaDownload class file is located on your computer, and then click on it. Or you can simply drag the YogaDownload class file to your iTunes window and drop it in.

Once it is in your iTunes library it will automatically be added to your device once you connect the device to your computer (so long as your settings indicate to have it added).

*If you're having trouble transferring a particular file to your device, try highlighting the file in your iTunes window and then go to "Advanced" - "Create iPod/iPad/iPhone version" in the upper left corner of your iTunes window.

Please understand that this is due to no fault of our own. This is because of the way Apple designs their products, and has nothing to do with us.  : )

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