Why does my class keep pausing / stopping / buffering when I play it?

If a video doesn't play continuously (it stops and starts while you’re watching), or stops early, try these troubleshooting steps:

Pause the class for a minute or more before trying to play your class again.

2. Isolate the video streaming by stopping all other internet activity such as downloads, or open web pages that may be continually updating such as sports scores, etc. 

3. Unplug/reset your modem and router if you have one.

4. Switch to a wired computer as opposed to a wireless one. You will usually get better streaming video performance from a direct wired connection as opposed to a wireless one. Of course, due to location circumstances, this may not always be possible.

5. If you're on a mobile device switch from the network to a wireless connection if possible. 

6. Check your internet connection by doing a speed test at SpeedTest.net. Click "Begin Test" to run a test. If your download speed is low (go to My Results in the upper right corner to view your connection grade) you might not have a strong enough connection to stream videos. In this case, order the download version of the class so you can play it without an internet connection. 

If you continue to have issues please send an email to help@yogadownload.com and we'll help you resolve the issue. =)

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