I am getting an error message that my video player does not recognize the downloaded file and can't play it. What player software do I need?

Our video files are in MP4 format which should play in QuickTime, iTunes, Windows Media player, etc. However, sometimes a video will not be recognized by a particular player for a variety of reasons. Try these solutions below to fix the issue:

1) Re-download
If you receive an error stating the file is not recognized, this is most likely due to the fact that you received an incomplete download. Many video files can be up to 600mb or more, so please be sure that you have the full class downloaded before you attempt to play it.
You can always re-download your class as many times as you need from the 'Downloads/Orders' section on your account page (until the download link expires two months after your initial purchase).

2) Download the VLC video player
If no of the above solutions have worked, the best thing to do is to download the VLC media player. This video player is known for its ability to play ANY file without issue. It is free and can be downloaded here . Once installed, right click on the class file and choose to 'Open With' - VLC Media Player.

3) Download a free download manager tool
If you prefer not to download the VLC player or if that solution still didn't work, you can try downloading a free download manager tool which will help to speed up the downloads as well as allow you to resume a download if it doesn't complete all the way. Here are some good options:

For Windows/PC
Free Download Manager

For Mac/OS

For iPad / iPhone / iPod


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