What are the different ways I can play YogaDownload classes?

There are several ways to play your Yoga Download classes:

1. Play them on a mobile device
Put your Yoga Download class on your portable media player (such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad)
*Notice: to get your class(es) onto a portable Apple product you will need to first download to your computer and then transfer to your device via iTunes, the same way you do music. Apple does not allow direct downloading to their products, aside from apps.

2. Play them on your computer
Download the class to your computer and play it using a media player installed on your computer (such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.)

3. Stream them from our website
Play your class directly from our website (choose the 'Stream/Play' option when purchasing)

4. Play them on a CD or DVD player
Burn your Yoga Download class to a CD (for audio) or DVD (for video) and play it on a CD or DVD player (you can create a CD via iTunes, and a great free DVD creation software is: Winx )

5. Stream them from the Roku app
Easily and conveniently access our entire library of classes right on your TV through your Roku device!


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