My class will not play. What should I do?

Play / Streaming
If you are streaming your class and it won't play, it might be because your internet connection isn't strong enough to stream. One solution is to pause the video and let it sit for a while before playing. If this doesn't fix your issue send us an email and we'll work with you to fix the problem. 

Downloaded Classes
If you downloaded a class to your computer and it won't play, try these solutions:

1) Re-download
Our video files are in MP4 format which should play in QuickTime, iTunes, Windows Media player, etc. However, sometimes a video will not be recognized in a particular player for a variety of reasons, or you might have received an incomplete download.

If you receive an error stating the file is not recognized, this is most likely due to the fact that you received an incomplete download. Many video files can be up to 600mb or more, so please be sure that you have the full class downloaded before you attempt to play it.
You can always re-download your class as many times as you need from your the 'Downloads / Orders' section on your account page (until the download link expires two months after your initial purchase).

2) Manually add the file extension
If you believe you have a full class and your video player still does not recognize the file (or you get an error message stating "Quicktime cannot open files in data format"), try adding the extension .mp4 to the end of the file. To do this right click on the file and select "rename", then put .mp4 at the end of the file name. You might get a pop-up box asking if you're sure you want to change the name - select "yes". This tends to happen frequently if you are on a Mac and downloaded via Firefox. 

3) Download the VLC video player
If no of the above solutions have worked, the best thing to do is to download the VLC media player. This video player is known for its ability to play ANY file without issue. It is free and can be downloaded here . Once installed, right click on the class file and choose to 'Open With' - VLC Media Player.


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