How do I redeem my membership I purchased from a deal site such as Groupon?

 To redeem a membership purchased from a deal site such as Groupon or Living Social, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the Subscription Memberships page
2. Click “Join Now” under the corresponding membership on your voucher (3-month, Year, etc.)
3. Click “Checkout now”
4. Click "Register" to create an account, or login if you already have one
5. Click “View cart” in top right corner of page
6. Click “Checkout now”
7. Enter your voucher number into the coupon code field and click “Add Coupon”
8. Scroll down to the bottom, review terms of service, then click “Make purchase”
9. Enjoy!
Groupon US users:  
Use the redemption code that has 8 letters and no numbers which is located in the middle of your Groupon.
If your code is not working, this may be because you're entering the Groupon number instead of the redemption code. 

Groupon UK users:
Use the redemption code that has a 10 letter/number combination which is located on the top left corner of your voucher.

To use your membership simply browse for classes, click on a class, and then click "PLAY NOW" to stream, or "DOWNLOAD" to order the download version.

If you see a price instead of a "DOWNLOAD" button it's either because you're viewing a Content Partner class (which are not available to download for free), or you are out of your allotted free downloads for the month and need to wait until the next billing period.

If you are still experiencing trouble, please send the code from your voucher to our Help Desk at for further assistance.  

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