Christen Bakken

hello christen bakken hasn't had a YD video in some time...she was the main reason i joined this community. will she be back soon? thanks

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degree in YOGA

Would you be kind enough to let me know if any of the models/instructors on this site have any qualifications in YOGA ? I mean a degree?

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Yoga for every body / bigger bodies / fat bodies

I love this site and enjoy your content without exception. It's fantastic and I am truly SUCH a fan! I always find a video or class that challenges me and opens up my practice, and I am so grateful. My sug...

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Background music

Please, please please give the option to turn music off in classes. There are some superb classes here but as a musician myself I find the truly awful ethno smooth jazz completely distracting and infuriating, e...

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Yoga For Weight Loss 20min

Maybe I overlooked it when do I do these got the 15 classes then there were these 6 extras when? Thank you Dominic

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Weight Loss Program -Guide

Hi there! Excited to start the weight loss program but the Yoga Guide that purports to list which order to do all the classes only lists two I missing something here? It literally just says Cl...

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Balance between video and audio offerings!

I have a full annual membership to yogadownload and have done for a few years now. I am generally happy, but sad to see that the number of new offerings which use audio seem to really be dropping off. I live ...

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Submitting Content to Yogadownload

Hello. What is the procedure to becoming a content partner with YogaDownload, and submitting content (music in this case) to yogadownload? I have filled out the submission form available here: http://yog...

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Yoga for injured knees?

Hello, About two weeks ago, I tore my knee ligament. I want to keep doing yoga, but am unsure of what poses or yoga flows to do to help restrengthen the knee area without putting too much pressure on it. ...

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I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I would like to start yoga to decrease the stiffness. Can anyone recommend a starting point with this in mind? My stiffness and pain are everywhere, but I would like to ...

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