hot yoga

HI , none of the hot yoga's will play. Why not? what is silverlight?

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Free class filter not working?

Hi, I've noticed that the filters don't always work on the search. Particularly the free class filter doesn't seem to work. Many times I use the free class filter, and I click on a class, and it ...

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Playing video

I am having great trouble playing Flow Softly by Helen Sherlock. I got it once! Every time I try play it now I go round and round in circles with the Play Now button. Sometimes I can get it to play but I get th...

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Roku availability

I know there was talk of getting a Roku app over a year ago and you said you were working on getting that. Is it not ready yet?

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Video Times Out

The video (not audio) times out every few seconds but will wake up when I move the mouse. Disruptive during my flow and balance poses. :( Never had this problem with this site. Is it this particular video,...

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Pose guide

My orders list that there is a pose guide with the audio file. However I cannot seem to be able to find it. I've used them in the past but this is the first time I've been on since the site has been r...

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Video not streaming but class is audible.

I have a 3 month subscription membership. More than a few classes I have clicked on seem to not work properly. The video screen is just black but I can hear the audio. For example, this happens with one of the ...

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no video with new setup

the video screen is white, no video when streaming a class (core abs with weights)...I did not have this problem with the old setup...I tried several times, same result help! I did the class with just the audi...

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Kindle Fire - can't log in

Hello, I can't sign in on my Kindle Fire. Yoga Download loads but nothing happens when I enter my login and password and click on login. Thank you, Michelle

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Can i stream your classes on PS3?

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