Can't play some videos

Why can I play some videos but others won't play? I just get a message that says "error loading player. could not load player configuration."

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Under Living Social membership I can order a stream and check out, but then I can't play it???

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Using Chromecast

How can I get my downloads or streams to play on my tv through my Google Chromecast? I can get the site to come up on the TV, but the actual videos are popups and won't play.

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How to get mp3 file to play as video and not just audio

Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to get the downloaded mp3 file to play as a video as it only wants to play as an audio file. Can you please help me adjust my settings so I can view it as a video? T...

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Streaming Problem 3-24-14?

Just bought an annual subscription today. A few hours later I loaded a class; seemed fine. Got interrupted, restarted an hour later. Neither my originally chosen class nor any other will play in full len...

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Synchronization of video and audio (MP4 files)

Several of the video classes I have downloaded have the problem that the Video is behind (or sometimes ahead) of the audio track. I have tried several players and it is the same on any PC or tablet. Content fro...

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Streaming Videos - Audio Plays, Video Does Not

For the VIDEO play/stream videos I am having an issue. The audio plays. The stop and play buttons start/stop the audio. However the video screen area is black, the playback progress/counter bar does not pr...

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No video or sound

When I try to play a streaming video, I can see the countdown indicating it is playing, but I only hear static and there is no video.

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Playing on DVD Blueray machine

How can I get videos to stream and/or download to my SONY Blueray player? I can't seem to find the directions for this on your website. Thank you!

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Can I stream onto my tv using xbox? Or is there another way to access on TV?

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