Do you offer a military discount?

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page to join not work

I am trying to redeem a Groupon for 1 year memebership and I am so keyed, but when I click on Join under 1 year, the screen then just comes up white. I have tried redoing it several times, and rebooted my syst...

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Groupon Issues Continue

Hello, In the top right hand corner of my groupon voucher there are three items: The first two have a mixture of letters (A) and numbers (N) as illustrated below. Security Code (NAANNANNNN) Groupon Code ...

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Living Social Deal

I purchased the Yoga for Weight Loss Program today and was able to redeem it ok. Am I able to download these videos and use them at my convenience or do I only have access to them for a certain time? The prog...

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No 8 letter code

I am having real trouble logging in through Groupon. It is asking for an 8 letter number and all I have is - Security Code: E51C94B455 Groupon code: XGLTXF8254 REF: 46917133 Thank you

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Is there any limitation on getting the year subscription for groupon with unlimited streaming and downloads? Like certain videos that we do not have access to that a yearly elite would have such as the basic be...

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Spring sale invalid code error

Thank you for reading this. The Spring sale coupon code for the Elite level is coming back as invalid when I try to add to my order. The email fine print said it would be valid through 3/25 midnight PST and I&#...

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Groupon Code doesn't work

A Groupon I purchased on Oct 23, 2013 for a 12 month subscription continues to tell me "invalid coupon code", can you help please?

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Groupon Expired

Hi there, I thought I still had a bit of time to use my groupon, however it looks like it expired a few days ago. Is there any way you would still honour it? Thanks.

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I entered the wrong coupon. How do I remove it?

My cart shows two coupons so how do I remove the six month discount so I can purchase the year membership?

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