Review history

Is it possible to see the reviews I have posted? I don't always remember which classes I liked, but I do reviews when I like a class, so it would be very useful to be able to view my review history somewhe...

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How do I remove automatic subscription

How do I remove automatic renewal of subscription

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Login trouble

I get an error message when I try to register and get started on this website. I'm using my ipad. Is that a problem?

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Cannot login or retrieve my username

I have misplaced my username and password and when I request that my username be sent to me I never receive a response. Can you please assist me? I have emailed you but did not receive a response to that either...

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Cannot Login on my Kindle Fire

I see I am not the only preson with this problem. I can log in on a pc however I am not able to on my Kindle Fire HD.... ? Is tehre a solution? Thank you

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username/password retrieval failure

I have tried to retrieve my username from the option given on the login page, but an email is never sent to me (tried at least 5 times)with the information. It is not found in my bulk/spam folder either and I a...

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Cannot create a login

I bought a groupon for the one year membership. I get stuck at the registration step. I am unable to create a login. It says some error occurred and ask web admin for help. Happened 3 times. Can you create one?...

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Can't get password and user name

Can't get my user name and password because u say you don't have it!!! So i cannot get my user name and password. The only address I have is above. Please help!!

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Can't recall user name and password, system is not emailing me :(

I have forgotten my user name and password and despite resetting five or six times with the system ensuring me it has sent a reminder to my email, there is nothing in my inbox or junk. Please help! I want t...

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Change Password

Can you please tell me how to change the password on my account? Thanks.

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